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AOC La Clape Red

Friday 20 June 2014, by Jean-Noel Thierry

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The massif of La Clape is an enchanting place, a natural setting where one walks with delight. It’s a succession of small, wild valleys covered with pines, dominated by rocky outcroppings overlooking the Mediterranean coast.

It’s at the heart of this exceptional area, completely protected that I discovered a winemaker impregnated with his environment taking his time, carefully selecting vines for hand picking at maturity.
In such a manner and in the philosophy of the wine maker, the vines are, obviously, organic. All the wines are superb – red and white.
Two red wines seduced me, two approaches to wine making – 18 months in barrels for one and 36 (!) months for the other, of which 24 months in 500 litre oak barrels.
One admires immediately the richness, the depth of these 2 wines which both benefit from a remarkable effort in the cellar.
The oldest varieties for one, a blend of syrah, grenache, nourvedre and carignan for the other.
The wine region of La Clape will be an AOC as from 2015.