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AOC La Clape White and Wine of the Pays l’Oc White

Friday 20 June 2014, by Jean-Noel Thierry

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If Christophe succeeded wonderously with his reds, his whites are also remarkable; there, too, the work of aging is crucial – a year on the lees.
Here we find the tradition of whites from the massif of La Clape in his white in which white grenache and bourboulenc are combined. A pleasant aroma with notes of fennel, a mouth relaxed but big at the same time where we find notes of aromatic scrub and a long and faithful finish

His wine of the Pays d’Oc is itself a marvellous creation. Chardonnay and viognier profit from 36 months in barrels on the lees.
A complex nose mixing alcohol and pear, cherry and eau de vie, stewed fruit, orange peel, bees wax. A powerful mouth, fresh and notes of cardamom and anis, a long finish, lively and “nearly lightly filled”.
Not wise to serve it too cool – 12 degrees is perfect and even at ambient temperature in winter.